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kilt and wedding dress making is our business with a strong celtic influence running through all our products.
Our highland dress shop name is "Carron valley formal dress " from which we make traditional hand made kilts and wedding attire including wedding dresses, the tartans that we use are the real deal, made in Scotland so the quality is second to none. Every kilt is made with passion and the detail and quality of workmanship is something that is hard to find nowadays so your kilt should last a lifetime.
We are proud of our heritage and we want to pass a bit of this to our customers.
If you require information and prices on our traditional scottish dress please email or give us a call, click on the "Contact us link".
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Were not blowing our bagpipes but we supply many services for every walk of life.
For the big day Ladies be prepared to get a service like no other at a fraction of the cost. Weddings can be and are a costly affair nowadays so we have a large stock of quality gowns from a variety of well know manufactures for you and your bridesmaids. Guaranteed the dress that you will choose will be the dress you have always dreamt about and will fit you perfectly.
We can help you choose all your accessories from swarovski jewelry to a celtic tiara to make your day even more meaningful and special.

In the current climate we have been commissioned to re-model and manufacture alternative bridal wear which is very exciting for us and our customers. Bottom bar
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For the husbands to be and the best men we can supply full highland dress kilt outfits whether you hire or purchase the outfit you will fully satisfied with what you receive.

We are a traditional kilt manufacturer, our kilts are hand stitched which means they wont fall to pieces after the first wearing or after a hudred times of wearing. What we are saying is that we know kilts inside and out so if you have any problems with your existing kilts you bought else where whether it needs altered to fit your changing waistline or has been damaged then we know what to do.

We can also design and manufacture ultra modern unique costumes for every occasion in any tartan or fabric.

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Kilt making is what we do so as you can imagine we supply a large range of highland dress and celtic accesories and gifts many of which are stamped with our name, just a little touch of magic.
Our range includes a selection of the finest sporrans,
Sgian Dubhs (Skee and Doos), Kilt pins , broches, belt buckles and anything else you will ever need.
We have been known to supply a selection of magical celtic items so keep an eye open.Bottom bar

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